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Nexera Canola

February 24, 2016 | News

The 4Rs of fertilizer and 2Rs of canola

Watch this video with Dow AgroSciences Market Development Specialist, Brian de Kock for how these 4Rs factor into growing canola:
• right rate
• right time
• right source
• right placement

You know to follow the 4Rs from the fertilizer industry and to protect your nitrogen investment in the root zone for when your canola needs it. However, the key to higher yields and more profit starts with the 2Rs, the:
• right canola hybrid
• right contract

See how Nexera™ canola hybrids yield in your region, plus how their yield and profitability compares to industry leading hybrids.
Contact a contract partner to seed for profit and yield.

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"I grew Nexera canola for the first time in 2012.  It was the first canola I planted on one field and the last canola I planted on another field.  In between I planted other RR and Invigor canolas.  Both of my Nexera fields outyielded the other canolas."Lawrence Penner, Kola MB

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