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Nexera Canola

Find answers to our customers' most frequently asked questions

Who can I contract with?

The five Nexera canola contractors are ADM, Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Richardson and Viterra.  We suggest contacting your contractor early in the season to discuss contracting plans and to know when contracts start becoming available.  Secure your Nexera canola seed without a contract using the Nexera Flexibility Agreement and enter into a contract with one of the contractors at any agreed to time, or sell it as commodity canola.

How does Nexera compare to other leading canola hybrids?

Dow AgroSciences has multiple years of both internal and third party data that supports Nexera hybrid genetics’ competitiveness with industry leaders.

Ask your territory Dow AgroSciences Sales Representative, the Solutions Center or view our Trials.  Dow AgroSciences has a canola hybrid suitable for any farm in Western Canada, offering competitive yields and strong disease resistance. View our Canola Hybrids and choose the hybrid that is right for you.

How does Nexera perform in my particular area?

You can see how Nexera canola performs in your region at one of the Advancement Demonstration Trials (ADTs) or Nexera Grower Strip Trials (NGSTs) in our Field Trails.  Another option is to take the Nexera Canola Healthiest Profit Challenge and grow Nexera on your farm next to any InVigor®, Roundup Ready® or Clearfield® canola hybrids and assess their competitiveness yourself, risk free.

What’s the scoop on seed treatments?

New for 2017, Visivio® is standard on all Nexera canola hybrids for improved flea beetle control, including hard to control striped flea beetles. Fortenza™ for cutworm control and Jumpstart for phosphate inoculation are available as an add-on treatments.

What incentives come with a Nexera canola Production Contract?

There are various incentives provided by the contract partner, the primary incentive being an Omega-9 Oils health premium with an approximate value of $40 per tonne. Contract partners also offer trucking incentives and Act of God clauses that can be extremely valuable for growers who are forward pricing. Most important, when a grower signs a Nexera canola production contract, their marketing of the Nexera crop is in place and the delivery dates serve as planned cash flow through the year. The Dow AgroSciences Diamond Rewards and Grower offers also provides financial incentives when Nexera canola is purchased along with Dow AgroSciences herbicides.

Why would I grow an IP canola and market it as commodity canola?

The agronomic performance and yields from Nexera canola hybrids have proven to growers to be competitive with their other top-yielding canola hybrids. Grower experience and performance in the field has been very positive over the last three years. We’ve basically heard from growers, “Nexera hybrids have proven themselves on my farm and I’d like the opportunity to grow more, but don’t want to commit more acres to the terms of a production contract that may limit flexibility in terms of marketing or delivery.”
Also under the Flexibility Agreement, there is potential for the grower to negotiate a Nexera canola delivery contract with one of our contract partners at a future date and get the health premium and delivery they need at that given time – they get marketing flexibility.

Are Nexera canola hybrids competitive with the highest yielding commodity canola hybrids?

Trial results from the last three years are showing that Nexera canola is proving to be very competitive with the highest yielding commodity canola hybrids. For more specific Advanced Demonstration Trial (ADT) and Nexera Grower Strip Trial (NGSTs) results click here

Review the trials from emergence to harvest – see comments and photos from both Dow AgroSciences field supervisors and directly from the growers.  Plus compare early-season vigour, days to maturity, lodging, yield and profitability.

What are my weed control options?

Nexera canola hybrids are available on two herbicide platforms.
For Nexera Roundup Ready® hybrids, the weed control options include straight or multiple glyphosate applications, as well as Eclipse™ herbicide for enhanced weed control, including thistle and buckwheat.
In Nexera Clearfield® hybrids, Salute™ herbicide offers broad spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control including control of Canada thistle.

Is the cost of the seed competitive with the highest yielding commodity canola?

Dow AgroSciences is constantly monitoring the market to ensure our Nexera canola seed offering is competitive with the leading canola hybrids available.

What’s the difference between a production contract and a delivery contract?

In a production contract, the grower makes the contractual commitment prior to the purchase, planting, harvesting and delivery to the contract partner for the Omega-9 Oils health premium.
A delivery contract is negotiated between the grower and contract partner after a Flexibility Agreement is signed with Dow AgroSciences, allowing the grower to purchase Nexera canola hybrid seed for planting with or without a contract.
Once the grower has produced the Nexera canola crop, the crop can be marketed as commodity canola or if their Nexera canola contract partner requires additional Nexera canola to meet end user Omega-9 Oils demand, a delivery contract with a health premium could be a potential option for the grower.
However, whether sold as commodity canola (under the Flexibility Agreement) or for the Omega-9 Oils production premium (under a production contract) Nexera canola must be sold/delivered to a contract partner – ADM, Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Richardson or Viterra.

Who are the production contract partners? Who are the delivery contract partners?

Whether sold as commodity canola (under the Flexibility Agreement) or for the Omega-9 Oils production and health premium (under a production contract) Nexera canola can only be sold/delivered to a contract partner – ADM, Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Richardson or Viterra.

Where do I buy Nexera canola seed?

A grower can purchase Nexera canola seed from a recognized Nexera canola seed retail once they have signed a Nexera canola production contract with a Nexera canola contract partner and/or sign a Nexera canola Flexibility Agreement with Dow AgroSciences. Buying seed without a production contract requires a grower to sign a Flexibility Agreement with Dow AgroSciences – call your local Dow AgroSciences sales representative or the Dow AgroSciences Solutions Center to get started, at 1.800.667.3852.

Am I limited on who I sell my commodity Nexera canola to?

Nexera canola must be kept within the Nexera value chain. For that reason, we require Nexera canola seed production, even if it’s sold as commodity canola, to be sold back to a contract partner – ADM, Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Richardson or Viterra.

What happens if I sell it to a non-partner company?

Dow AgroSciences monitors Nexera canola production and crush volumes through the year. It is important that Dow AgroSciences can oversee all Nexera canola production and volumes sold as commodity and for Omega-9 Oils crushing to maintain the trust and integrity of the Nexera canola value chain. Nexera canola is the most profitable canola in Western Canada and Dow AgroSciences is committed to maintain the Nexera canola value chain in support of the Nexera canola brand.

Who do I talk to about growing Nexera canola?

Talk to your Dow AgroSciences representative, a contract partner, authorized seed retailer or the Dow AgroSciences Solutions Center at 1.800.667.3852.

Who do I talk to about a Nexera canola production contract?

For growers interested in a Nexera canola production contract, contact one of the contract partners –ADM, Bunge, Richardson, Louis Dreyfus or Viterra – and inquire if there are contracts available.


"Nexera out yielded all other canola."Glenn Springer, Rocanville SK

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