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Nexera Canola

September 28, 2016 | News

Premiums, Yield, and Canola with a Purpose

Wally Hofer of Lajord Colony in White City, Saskatchewan, continues to grow Nexera Canola year after year.

They’ve grown Nexera since it first came out. To Wally, the reasons why are clear. It just makes sense on his farm, and it’s a program he’s proud to be part of.

Wally is continually impressed by the agronomics, yields and premiums he earns from Nexera. What’s more, the Nexera value chain is something he can get behind.

“We like to produce a canola that’s meant for something,” he says, standing in front of a field of future heart-healthy Omega-9 canola oil.

To learn more about the Nexera value chain, please give us a call toll free 1.800.667.3852 or find a local contractor.

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"Nexera out yielded all other canola."Glenn Springer, Rocanville SK

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