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Nexera Canola

Global Demand for Omega-9 Oils

Continues to Grow

Heart-healthy Omega-9 Oils, made from high-yielding Nexera canola is the new standard in today’s food industry. Consumer demand for the heart-healthy Omega-9 Oils produced from Nexera canola is at an all-time high. Omega-9 Oils feature zero trans fat and a long shelf life, and their nutritional advantages have already resulted in the removal of over 1.5 billion pounds of trans and saturated fats from the North American diet.

Food brands, such as Frito-Lay, Boston Pizza, KFC, Jack in the Box and more, have already made the switch to Omega-9 Oils. In fact, many restaurants and food manufacturers are now boldly sending their own message to farmers: grow more Nexera canola. And growers are responding – finding that the higher-value, end-use product translates into higher profits at the farm level.

What End-Use Customers are Saying

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Omega-9 Oils. The healthy choice.

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"This year is my second year growing Nexera as my only canola on the farm so you can surmise from that my satisfaction with the product. The yields are as good as my former Invigor canola and we are in an area that has a fairly long growing season."Larry Sommerfeld, Allan SK

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