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Nexera Canola


"I have been growing Nexera canola now for about 6 years and have no plans to stop using this crop.  It has showed me the best returns on my canola acres year after year and the demand for it seems to be growing every year as well.  It’s been a great product to grow and sell for my farm."
Daryl Moffat, Cabri SK

"My Nexera contract experience was very good because it was picked up at the farm at premium prices!!"
Denis Boutin, Alida SK

"Have been growing Nexera canola for a number of years. When asked to grow even more this year I jumped at the chance. Changed up my plans from growing flax to more acres of Nexera."
Garth McTavish, Foxwarren MB

"Nexera - strong in the field and the contracting is a win-win."
Gerald Finster, Valleyview AB

"Nexera out yielded all other canola."
Glenn Springer, Rocanville SK

"I have grown Nexera canola the last four years.  Yields have been every bit as good as any other variety of canola plus the extra premium I receive when I market my crop makes it worthwhile to keep growing Nexera."
Ken Hogbin Strasbourg, SK

"Nexera canola 1012 RR is a great variety, great yield over 50 and just sold some for 700 dollars per ton! Wow pays to grow Nexera and we love the oil!"
Kevin Borduzak, Vimy AB

"Nexera is a great fit for rotation on farm with a great premium."
Larry Marlatt, Rathwell MB

"This year is my second year growing Nexera as my only canola on the farm so you can surmise from that my satisfaction with the product. The yields are as good as my former Invigor canola and we are in an area that has a fairly long growing season."
Larry Sommerfeld, Allan SK

"I grew Nexera canola for the first time in 2012.  It was the first canola I planted on one field and the last canola I planted on another field.  In between I planted other RR and Invigor canolas.  Both of my Nexera fields outyielded the other canolas."
Lawrence Penner, Kola MB