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Nexera Canola

A Canola Hybrid for Every Farm

For Western Canadian Canola growers looking for hybrid performance and profit potential higher than any other canola in the market, only Dow AgroSciences’ Nexera Canola reflects a growing value chain that produces the highest returns per acre, year after year.

Seed for Yield. Contract for Profit™

Looking to maximize your canola production to the highest value possible? Nexera™ canola hybrids are the key to higher canola profits, because of their industry-leading yields.


  • A Canola Hybrid for Every Farm
  • Excellent standability
  • Excellent yield potential
  • Strong early season vigour
  • Long & mid season adaptability
  • Strong disease package (Blackleg, Clubroot)
  • High profit potential
  • Easy to harvest

Trial Results ($/acre)

Nexera Hybrid 1012 RR
per acre
more than the competitor
Commodity RR Check
Commodity RR Check
per acre

But You Can Make Even More!

A Nexera canola contract is the other reason growing Nexera canola leads to higher value, above and beyond commodity canola. Nexera canola contracts provide a healthy perspective on profit, as well as an excellent way to grow and deliver canola, and market a crop.

Contractors and crushers are eager to work with growers to sign up Nexera canola acres to meet growing market demand for our heart-healthy end product – Omega-9 Oil. Incentives include:

• Profitable contract options
• Delivery options that fit the unique needs of each farmer
• Flexible pricing options that help growers manage cash flow
• Trucking and storage incentives

Contact a Nexera canola contractor today to learn how you can pour on the profit. Make it Nexera canola and make MORE, now in MORE ways than one.


"I have grown Nexera canola the last four years.  Yields have been every bit as good as any other variety of canola plus the extra premium I receive when I market my crop makes it worthwhile to keep growing Nexera."Ken Hogbin Strasbourg, SK

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